Cliente (en)Client

Interxion Paris

Luogo (en)Location

Francia (en)France

Dati tecnici (en)Technical data

Power - 7 gruppi da 550 kW; Capacità di produzione - 3300 kW; (en)Power - 7 sets of 550 kW; Total Capacity - 3300 kW;

In a former world war II submarine warehouse, Data Center European leader Interxion will launch a new colocation facility.

The project will include 4,200 m² of Data Halls for a 18 MW Capacity. CAP INGELEC Project scope is to transform a warehouse in Marseille (South of France) Port area into a Data Center. The city of Marseille is at the crossroads of submarine cables that connect Europe to Middle East and Africa, allowing operators to have an unequalled speed to offer services for IT consumers. Marseille is thus becoming one of the main European places for its digital  infrastructure capabilities.